Welcome to the Moon!

Come to the Moon if you're done with the Star and don't align with the Sun.
Above the Globe and ahead of the Post, the Moon is the town’s new toast.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, critical investigative reporting and independent journalism took a major hit. They were replaced with parroting of government propaganda and public health diktats.

Journalists left and right forgot their duty to ask questions in press conferences and on the streets. They glanced at the authoritative data and epidemiological models that they reproduced without an inkling of skepticism about the information contained. Publishers actively suppressed vital information on dissenting views and alternative public health strategies. It took citizen researchers and lay writers to maintain a morsel of opposition during the darkest phases of the crisis.

We, the founders and contributors of the Moon, believe that it is time to start a new, open and opinionated platform for non-partisan Canadian news and ethically sound commentary. Welcome to joining us on this exciting trip.

We have started packaging a week or two worth of articles into printable one-page editions that will be archived here:

Publications represent the individual authors’ knowledge and opinions, not those of the Moon. Authors retain the right to re-publish their work elsewhere. To submit or discuss a piece, contact Dr. Claus Rinner, e.g. via your subscription.